Day: February 17, 2021

Model Suggestions And Recommendation

Early Western travelers, touring whether to Persia, Turkey, India, or China, would frequently comment on the absence of change in style within the respective places. Graduates getting into the style trade work across a diverse range of careers – as designers, stylists, pattern cutters, patrons, visual merchandisers, illustrators and retailers. Many have set up their very own labels. Current graduates have discovered employment with firms such as Adidas, John Lewis, Levi’s, Max Mara, New Steadiness, Puma, River Island, Topshop, Warehouse, Peter Pilotto, H&M, Superdry, Roland Mouret, Aitor Throup and many more. Style Design students be taught the processes, methods, and instruments needed to develop design ideas throughout formats – 2ND and 3D designs, digital and hand drawings, flat patterns, and fully constructed garments – while growing the vital expertise they should evolve into a versatile design professional.

If you are one of those geeks in college or at work who likes to be in front of your computers or together with your books, this style model will suit you perfectly. So what does this fashion include? Loose-fitting dishevelled pants, spectacles having oversized frames, hair slides, loafers are among the typical parts of this style, although these usually are not the …

A.k.a. Brands helping founder-led brands grow

Pic: A.k.a. Brands

A.k.a. Brands, a value-add platform focused on acquiring and accelerating the growth of next-generation, digitally-native fashion brands targeting Gen Z and millennial customers, is helping founder-led brands grow to their full potential by providing access to new geographic markets and customers. The current a.k.a. portfolio comprises three brands.

Princess Polly, Petal & Pup and Rebdolls – each cater to a unique customer with a curated assortment of on-trend, affordable fashion.

“Today’s consumer gets fashion inspiration from social media and influencers. A new generation of social brands is emerging to cater to every style and audience. But, many of these founder-led brands struggle to scale. That’s where a.k.a. can help,” said Jill Ramsey, CEO of a.k.a. Brands. “With the power of our platform, brands leverage our retail partner relationships, access the expertise of our seasoned management team and proven playbook for growth. Founders also learn best practices and benchmarks from our other high-growth brands, and scale their businesses more cost effectively. We believe our brands are better together, and that this is a winning formula for brands, customers and a.k.a.”

With the backing of Summit Partners, a.k.a. Brands (until recently known as Excelerate Brands) was founded in