The History Of Skin Care Goes Back Centuries

The History Of Skin Care Goes Back Centuries

Skin care goes back as far as prehistoric times where cave women and cave men did everything possible to survive the worst weather conditions without the accommodation we enjoy today. Their skin was rough enough to fight the sun rays and weather conditions. Even after all these conditions the prehistoric human was aware of certain skin care needs.

Skin care for the prehistoric human was mostly associated with the relief of pain caused by severe weather conditions and exposure to the sun. The kind of fatty food they were consuming was also one of the major causes of skin related disease. The most astonishing fact is that even after the type and amount of the heavy fatty foods they consumed there is no evidence about acne related problems. It may be the case that the growth of facial hair stopped the skin acne or only made the acne hidden. Hence the history of skin care is full of mysteries and unknowns.

Skin care must be considered different than the cosmetic activities. Cosmetic activities are meant of applying extra elements to your face or skin to give you a better look but skin care in this regard is protecting and controlling

Folexin VS Nutrafol For Hair Growth Reviews

If you have been looking for a product to combat hair loss then chances are that you have come across either Nutrafol or Folexin. Busana Muslim  Two different product that has the same mission – to help their customers put an end to hair loss once and for all.

The question however is between Folexin Vs Nutrafol, which one is better and which one should you try?

That is exactly what you are about to find out. After you are done reading, you should be able to know without a shadow of a doubt which product to go with for your unique situation. Let’s get started.

First We’ll Look At The Similarities Between Folexin VS Nutrafol

Both Folexin and Nutrafol are two hair growth supplement that contains ingredients that are said to boost hair growth naturally by supplying the hair follicles with essential ingredients internally. Both come in pill form and are to be taken twice per day.

The other key similarity between these two rivals is that they both contain Biotin, Zinc Oxide, and a few other essential vitamins for hair. The reason this is important is that Biotin is like the holy grail of hair vitamins and it